Community Guidelines Update

New community guidelines and content policy

Over the last few months we’ve introduced the new rating system (Safe, Mature, Explicit, Hard), new reporting options and new ways to opt-in to NSFW content. Today we introduce our new community guidelines and content policy. The new guidelines will make it easier to rate your content and will make it more clear what we allow/disallow on the platform.

Community Guidelines

A big improvement over the old community guidelines is the structuring of our existing “rules”. The new Community Guidelines offers an easy and simple to understand overview of the platform rules.

We’ve also added examples and extra context to many of the rules to give better insights in what we mean and why we’ve added the rule.

Click here to view our new community guidelines

New Rating System

The biggest update to our community guidelines is the introduction of the new rating system. All content (discussions, groups, uploaded art etc.) will have to be rated by the creator. This rating will ensure that users are not confronted with content they don’t want to see.

Improved flexibility

The new rating system also allows for more flexibility. Consider a tattoo community where someone wants to show off a tattoo in a private area. This non-sexual nudity can now just be flagged “Explicit” even though the community itself is Safe. The community moderators can still decide to only allow Safe posts in their rules, but at least they don’t need to flag the entire community as Explicit now 🙂

AD vs Non-AD (Main)

For the users who want to share explicit photos of themselves or their sona we’ve created a AD (After Dark) section of the app. The AD section is still in very early stage. Users who’ve opt-in to AD can easily switch over to their AD and non-AD profile in the sidebar. AD profiles have their own gallery, biography and communities.

An important thing to remember is that the purpose of the AD section is to house all horny/suggestive/dating content. Explicit images are still not allowed on your normal BARQ profile, even though they are rated “Explicit”.

Ratings overview

A small recap of the new rating system. Please visit the detailed overview here.

✅ Safe (S)

This content will be visible for everyone on the platform.

❓Mature (M)

Typically content discussing sex, alcohol, drugs and other topics which are not meant for underage users. This content will be available for everyone over 18 years old, without needing to opt-in.

❕Explicit (E)

All content showing explicit nudity (genitals, breasts with nipples showing, butts, bulges) is considered explicit and only available for user over 18 years old. This content will be hidden by default and users need to opt-in before they can see this content.

‼️ Hard Kink (H)

Hard content is considered not suitable for most users. This includes the more extreme fetishes or content that might be traumatizing or harmful for certain audiences. This content is only available for users over 18 years old and also has its own opt-in.

We have created a list of all the content that must be rated Hard Kink, but creators are free to mark other content as Hard Kink too.

Click here to view all Hard and Disallowed topics on BARQ

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the new guidelines and content policy. If you have any questions about the new guidelines, please visit our Discord or email us directly at [email protected]